Your Operation

A surgical nurse along with your CRNA will transport you to the operating room. They will stay in the operating room during the surgery to assist the surgical team and the anesthesiologist.

Throughout your surgery, your anesthesia care team will continuously monitor your vital signs until you are fully recovered and leave the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU or recovery room). Monitored parameters include heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, breathing patterns, exhaled carbon dioxide levels, temperature, and when appropriate, electrical brain wave activity.


Under general anesthesia, the risk of awareness is extremely rare. Current anesthetic medications and state of the art monitoring techniques utilized at our facilities ensure such risk is minimized. Should your surgery be performed under regional anesthesia and/or sedation anesthesia, awareness is more likely and sometimes expected during the procedure. Since every case is unique, please feel free to discuss the specifics of your anesthetic plan with your anesthesiologist so that all your questions and concerns are fully addressed.